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MTG PQC Applications

MTG has developed quantum-safe applications that can be used and tested today. To our knowledge, Sunray and Sunbeam have been the first PQC-capable browser and e-mail programs worldwide, which are freely available. PQC procedures have been implemented for the MTG ERS® and the new PQC applications have been aligned with them.

PQC Web Browser & Web Server!

During development, MTG incorporated various PQC schemes into its MTG ERS®. For this purpose, a Mozilla Firefox-based browser (Sunray) and an Apache Tomcat-based web server with integrated support for PQC TLS were implemented.

Mozilla Firefox-based browser (Sunray) (© Peter Gervais)

PQC E-Mail-Client Sunbeam!

For the encryption and signing of e-mails, an extension to the Thunderbird mail program and the S/MIME format was developed. The newly created program Sunbeam allows the user to encrypt e-mails using Classic McEliece and sign them using SPHINCS+. The encryption is a hybrid encryption. The message and any attachments are encrypted with a symmetric key and this key is encrypted with a Classic McEliece public key. 

Quantum safe encryption and signing of e-mails.(© Peter Gervais)

Free Demo

A free portal for the generation of PQC certificates and the use of the applications is available!

Kostenloses Portal zum Erzeugen von PQC-Zertifikaten und dem Einsatz der Anwendungen  (© Peter Gervais)

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