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360° Managed PKI & CLM

PKI made easy!
Replace your Microsoft CA now

Elevate your PKI-based processes quickly and easily.
Outdated and complex PKI systems struggle to meet growing security demands and diverse use cases. Without a modern CLM, certificate-based processes become unnecessarily error-prone and complicated.

360° Managed PKI & CLM Solution

It is developed for anyone looking for user-friendly and quickly deployable software.

Free Online Demo

Quick CLM Dashboard Overview

In this video, we give you an overview of the dashboard and features of MTG’s Certificate Lifecycle Manager.

Maximum Transparency

No more expired certificates!

The user-friendly Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables simple, quick, and error-free certificate creation and provides full transparency over the status of all your certificates.

  • Clear Dashboard: Visual overview of all certificates with direct access.
  • Modern User Interface: Fast and seamless workflows.
  • Automation Interfaces: All important interfaces available.
  • Microsoft PKI Integration: Quick and easy connection and migration.
  • Public CA Access: Convenient access to selected Public CA providers.

PKI Use Cases

Secure your sensitive business processes with secure identities

Our solution supports all essential applications that require digital certificates for security.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): Authentication and authorization of users and devices (PCs, laptops, firewalls, routers, IoT devices).
  • Network Security (VPN): Authentication and encryption of connections over public networks.
  • Network Access Control (NAC): Controlled access to network infrastructures after successful certificate authentication.
  • Secure Email Communication: Digital signatures and encryption of emails.
  • SSL/TLS Web Server Certificates: Securing web applications and services.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): Securing communication between mobile devices, apps, users, and corporate services.
  • Digital Signatures for Documents: Verifying the authenticity and integrity of documents.
  • Code Signing: Ensuring security and trust in software products and firmware through digital certificates.

PKI Use Cases (© MTG AG)

Product Packages

Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM) &
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

You have two packages to choose from: the Professional Package, if you only need a CLM, and the Ultimate Package, including certificates from a PKI.

Professional Package (CLM)

Ultimate Package (CLM & PKI)

For customers who want to optimize the management and monitoring of their certificates without needing certificates from an MTG Corporate PKI.

For customers who need certificates from a private PKI or a replacement for their Microsoft PKI.

  • All CLM functionalities (dashboard, organization into realms, policies, controls and approvals, certificates, roles and rights, documentation)

  • Reporting & Monitoring

  • Roles & Rights Management

  • Policy Enforcement & Configuration GUI

  • Public CA Integration

  • Microsoft CA Integration

  • All functions of the Professional Package
  • Corporate PKI
  • Own Root CA and Sub CA
  • HSM Integration & Support
  • OCSP & CRL Responder
  • Audit Log
  • Microsoft CA Migration with Autoenrollment Connector

Regulatory Compliance

Meet important regulatory requirements

Use digital certificates to comply with the IT Security Act, EU GDPR, NIS2, DORA, and industry standards like ISO 27001. Our solution supports access control, cryptography, operational security, and communication security, ensuring compliance with all relevant data protection regulations.

Easy Implementation

Achieve your goals faster with our system!

Our PKI experts support you in every planning, implementation, operation, and further development phase.

  • Free Online Demo: Available immediately.
  • Proof-of-Concept: Free, with a seamless transition into operational use and a comprehensive kick-off consultation.
  • Comprehensive Consulting: Support from experienced PKI experts.
  • Georedundant Operation: Fail-safe operation in a certified high-security data center (ISO 27001, EN50600 Cat III).
  • Security Patch Management: Maintenance of operating systems, databases, and PKI & CLM software.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring the availability of infrastructure, PKI, applications, backup, and restore processes.

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