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Award-winning service for VMware encryption

TeleTrusT has awarded our encryption service with the 2023 Innovation Award. It is based on a VMware certified key management system from MTG. This allows you to meet your company's growing security requirements quickly and cost-effectively!

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Our award-winning VMware Encryption-as-a-Service offering is designed to help small and midsize businesses quickly and easily protect all the data on their VMs.

Managed Service von from experienced experts

VMware Encryption-as-a-Service

In cooperation with DARZ GmbH, a long-term partner and infrastructure provider, a new VMware Encryption-as-a-Service has been created, enabling you to encrypt your VMware quickly and easily.

The uniqueness of this offer is the possibility to encrypt the VMs completely independent from the location via the DARZ service. The MTG Key Management System is connected via the KMIP standard interface of the vCenter and is managed by our experts.

vCenter of VMware allows to connect external Key Management Systems

vCenter of VMware allows to connect external Key Management Systems

Why VMware Encryption?

Virtual machines (VMs) are portable and can therefore run on any server. Unauthorized internal persons or external attackers who have accessed the relevant networks are able to access the data of unencrypted VMs without any protection.

VMware has addressed this threat by allowing encryption for your VMs via external key management systems (KMS). The encryption expert MTG offers a VMware-compatible KMS product. In cooperation with the infrastructure solution provider DARZ, a cost-effective SaaS service was created especially for SMEs.

Effective Data Protection

More security for your data -
less concerns

Supports NIS 2, DSGVO, ISO 27001 and industry-specific standards

More and more legal regulations require the implementation of "state of the art" cybersecurity. These include the NIS 2 regulation that recently came into force, the GDPR, and the requirements of DIN ISO 27001. This also includes smaller companies and more industries.

With end-to-end encryption of all VMware VMs, testing steps are no longer required and process descriptions in the context of protection profiles and risk analyses can be significantly reduced.

Protection of critical data

With the encryption service, all sensitive data on the VMware VM are protected:

  • Database, file system and source code repository are automatically encrypted.
  • Locally stored access data (e.g., for database access, SSH keys, etc.) are protected.
  • Log files (e.g., from applications) and personal data for system logins, transactions, and IP addresses are encrypted at all times.

vSAN-Protection & TPM

Besides encrypting VMs, VMware also offers the option of protecting so-called vSANs (virtual Storage Attached Network) with the same method. Additionally, applications and operating systems for which TPMs (Trusted Platform Module) are required (e.g., Microsoft Windows 11) can be virtualized without any problems with this method.

Encryption of data in any operating mode

During storage, operation, and access, data on the VMs remain encrypted. This provides comprehensive security and saves additional costs for encryption.   

  • Security at rest
    When the storage medium on which the encrypted VM is located is accessed, the data cannot be read. This explicitly also applies to databases running on the VM. Expensive database encryption is no longer necessary.
  • Security at work
    Protection is also provided while the VM is running.
  • Security in transit
    During transfer from the storage location to the hypervisor / ESXi host, the VM's data is also protected.

Highly secure key storage

The Key Encryption Key (KEK) is stored externally in a KMS for each VM and protected via FIPS-certified Hardware Security Modules. This logically separates the storage locations of the VM and the key.

Easy connectivity & operation

Reach your goal with minimum effort and cost

Using the familiar user interface for managing the VMs (vCenter / vCloud Director), users can encrypt any connected VM with just a few clicks. No additional software or training is required.

Configuration of the MTG KMS to connect to vCenter of VMware

Configuration of the MTG KMS to connect to vCenter of VMware

Back-up, redundancy and high availability

The key material is stored customer-specific and very secure. The entire system is highly scalable and is operated in a fail-safe and geo-redundant way.

Consistent encryption processes

  • With the offered solution, the user has a consistent procedure and process for encrypting all data in the VM. This reduces time, costs, and complexity.
  • The vCenter provides transparency in encryption and decryption. After a one-time configuration, no further manual process is required. Password entry (pre-boot authentication) is also not required.
  • Everything that runs on a VM is automatically encrypted. Encryption of the VM is possible regardless of the guest operating system (Windows, Linux, iOS, etc.). In particular, it can be enforced even if the guest OS does not support Full Disk Encryption.
  • The encryption of VM can be enforced company-wide by the company's policy. Audits can then easily check and verify encryption centrally. This policy then applies to all guest systems across all platforms.
The live demo shows how easy is encryption of VMware VM

The new DARZ service enables VMware Virtual Machines to be encrypted reliably and completely independent of their location.

Certified data center


DARZ supports companies in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation. Besides high performance, the Managed Services solutions offer distinct modularity, flexibility and scalability.


This allows each customer to put together different services that are relevant to them in terms of quantity, quality and combination at any time.

DARZ is certified to various security standards, such as:

  • DIN ISO 27001 and
  • BSI TR-03145.

The system offered is operated in a fail-safe and geo-redundant way at two German locations.

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