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MTG manages the generation, administration and storage of keys and certificates required for secure communication between smart meter gateways and market participants in accordance with legal requirements in Germany.


For the roll-out of smart meter systems in Germany, MTG offers a portfo-lio of IT security products and services in line with BSI TR-03109.

Overview of MTG security solutions for Smart Meter Gateway communication

Overview of MTG security solutions for Smart Meter Gateway communication (© MTG AG)

These offers ensure the generation, management and storage of cryptographic keys and certificates required for secure communication between the smart meter gateway and the market participants. MTG thus covers the regulated process for all IT security-related areas, from the manufacturing and operation of smart meter gateways to the connectivity of devices for the control of the smart grid.


MTG Mehrwert-Konnektor (active EMT)

The MTG value-added connector is the BSI TR-03109 compliant for the active External Market Participant (active EMT/aEMT).

Easy connection of IoT devices to the application, a single permanent connection for different IoT devices (© MTG)

The MTG Mehrwert-Konnektor (eng. value-added connector / MWK) is a central security and communication system for energy suppliers who want to control various IoT devices in a network via the CLS channel (CLS - Controllable Local Systems).  This enables utilities and other industries to offer value-added services successfully. IoT devices can thus be controlled via the CLS channel of the Smart Meter Gateway and the legal requirements of BSI-TR 03109 can be complied with. On server side the innovative software builds the BSI-TR-03109 compliant communication link to the SMGW and also offers the option of controlling any number of connections via the CLS channel.



The MTG CLS Stack manages the BSI TR-03109 compliant connection of smart devices to the smart meter gateway (e.g., wall boxes, data loggers, RLM meters, LoRa Wan gateways etc.).

Der MTG CLS-Stack

In case the MTG Mehrwert-Konnektor is used as active EMT (aEMT) on the server side, practically any TCP/IP-capable device can be connected to the SMGW. This allows the addressing and connection of any smart device to the application with minimal configuration effort. Even existing systems (e.g., wall boxes) can be easily connected to the SMGW infrastructure via TCP/IP.

Theben Mehrwert-Module

Theben Mehrwert-Module (© MTG)

Theben AG currently uses the MTG CLS stack for its “Mehrwert-Module” and the CSX 324 FNN control box. The “Mehrwert-Module” can be plugged onto the CONEXA 3.0 to save space. For the use in combination with other SMGW models, the “Mehrwert-Module” is mounted in a separate housing (2 TE) on the top-hat rail.

Theben SMGW mit aufsteckbarem Mehrwertmodul TCP/IP

With numerous customers, a large number of TCP/IP-capable components have been quickly connected for test systems in a BSI-compliant way.

Already integrated devices

Device type

Use Case

Manufacturer - Model

Battery storage


Sonnen - sonnenBatterie

Data logger

Remote meter reading

VIVAVIS - Skalar.Pro

Data logger


VIVAVIS - enQube

Data logger

Control & monitoring of solar systems

SMA - Coneva / Data Manager ennexOS

Data logger

Home energy management

SMA - Coneva / Sunny Homemanager

Data logger

Remote meter reading

Lackmann - Latronic

Heating element


EGO - Smart Heater

LoRa Wan Gateway

Smart City / IoT

MultiTech -  Conduit

LoRa Wan Gateway

Smart City / IoT

RAK - RAK7258

M-Bus level converter

M-Bus meter reading

Diehl - IZAR Center

Power Inverter


KACO - Powador

RLM counter

Remote meter reading

Iskraemeco - MT 880


Charging point management

ABL - eMH3


Charging point management

Alfen - Eve Double


Charging point management

go-e - go-eCharger Home+


Charging point management

KEBA - KeContact P30


Charging point management

Mennekes - eMobility Gateway


Charging point management

Mennekes - ACU/SCU


Charging point management

Schneider Electric - Evlink


MTG Metering CA (MCA)

MTG Metering-CA is a PKI system designed to create and manage certificates for the German smart meter roll-out. It meets the technical requirements of the BSI TR-03109-04, BSI TR-3145, as well as the certificate policy of the smart metering PKI. The MTG Metering CA is used by SMGW manufacturers, smart meter gateway administrators and in market communication.

The MTG Metering-CA is a leading Smart Meter Sub-CA product and has already been installed several times in GWA data centers which have been successfully certified according to DIN ISO 27001. MTG Metering-CA customers benefit from the multi-client capability and very high scalability of our product.


MTG Corporate PKI

With the MTG Corporate PKI, energy providers can optimally implement their certificate management in the company for the various use cases. The issued certificates can be used, for example, for the communication infrastructure (e.g. routers, switches, firewalls, VPN...), the connection of mobile or home workstations and for mobile device management (smartphones). With the support of our premium partner Secardeo, automated certificate management for Microsoft Windows infrastructures is possible with MTG Corporate PKI.


MTG CryptoContoller (MCC)

MTG CryptoController  is required for Smart Meter Gateway communications in accordance with BSI TR-03109. To receive and read encrypted data, “External Market Participants” (“EMT”) and Gateway Administrators must authenticate at the Smart Meter Gateway by using a secure channel.

By using  the MTG Metering-CA and the MTG CryptoController, manufacturers of Smart Meter Gateways are able to equip the hardware very quickly and flexibly with the required  initial certificates. Furthermore, the own Firmware can be protected with certificates to ensure that the SMGW can be operated only with original manufacturer software. This system is in operation at leading SMGW manufacturers.

MTG Crypto Controller

Evaluation Facility for IT Security

Our BSI-approved Evaluation Facility for IT security will assist you with all questions regarding the implementation of the BSI TR-03109 policies for the smart metering in Germany.


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