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What is a HSM -
Hardware Security Module?

Hardware Security Modules – a protective element in corporate and security infrastructures

Necessity of HSM

A Hardware Security Module (HSM)  is always required when cryptographic keys in critical infrastructures need to be particularly protected against attacks on both the software and the hardware. HSM generate and manage cryptographic keys and secure digital identities. This enables HSM to be the anchor of trust for the protection of digital data.

The hardware security modules used by MTG are designed for various fields of usage – for example from smart metering and financial services to the payment industry, the automotive industry, cloud services and the public sector. They are always optimally matched to the corresponding MTG security software. In general, other applications can also be connected via a standard interface (PKCS#11, JCA, CNG…).

Utimaco General Purpose Hardware-Security Module: CryptoServer LAN V5

Utimaco General Purpose Hardware-Security Module: CryptoServer LAN V5 (© UTIMACO GmbH)

Security Requirements for HSM

Hardware security modules mainly have to meet the following requirements:

  • Protection of stored keys against attacks on the hardware of HSM devices („tamper resistance“)
  • Protection against side channel attacks
  • Securing the cryptographic application environment
  • Protection against manipulation and import of foreign programs into the software environment
  • Creation of high-quality keys by an authentic true random number generator
  • Execution of all common cryptographic operations (signing, encrypting...)

MTG is well experienced in HSM based solutions. Our experts will support you in the fast and successful implementation of your projects.

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