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MTG PQC Consulting

MTG supports companies in migrating their systems to Post-Quantum Cryptography and in using PQC in new products.

PQC Migration and Integration

We support our customers in the migration and integration of PQC in existing systems, applications and protocols.

PQC Migration and Integration (© Peter Gervais)

Consulting Focus

  • Identification and analysis of the current processes in use
  • Selection of a suitable post-quantum scheme (algorithms, hybrid schemes, KEM combiners, etc.) for replacement as well as identification and documentation of the resulting requirements (e.g., adaptation to databases due to larger keys, etc.).
  • Documentation of required adaptations to products as well as support during implementation, integration and realization.
  • Implementation of PQC in public key infrastructures, key management systems and hardware security modules
  • Implementation of PQC in Embedded Systems.
  • Consulting on PQC standards and status of migration of standards and protocols (e.g., TLS, SSH, IPsec etc.) to PQC. Specification of protocols after final standardization of algorithms. 
  • Support for the compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g., PCI DSS, BAIT, Gematik etc.) 
  • Supporting the creation of a crypto inventory. Creation of a catalog of procedures currently in use for development-related technical tasks.

PQC Key Notes & Workshops

When introducing PQC in companies or for specific PQC projects, key notes and kick-off workshops are an effective way to meet future stakeholders and to raise awareness of the current challenges at an early stage. The following main topics are covered in this context.

Key Topics

  • Introduction: what is a quantum computer, when is it expected to be available, and what problems are associated with it?
  • Possible solutions: Quantum Cryptography and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).
  • Post-quantum cryptography methods: comparison of parameters (key size, computational effort, size of ciphertexts). 
  • Challenges and obstacles in PQC projects: Which process is suitable for which application? Which aspects need to be taken into special consideration during migration and integration?
  • Status of standardization activities (NIST Competition etc.)
  • Possible procedure of a migration from classical cryptography to PQC

If required, specific topics can also be addressed or individual kick-off meetings can be prepared and organized.

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