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MTG-Metering-CA (MCA)

MTG-Metering-CA (© MTG AG)

MTG-Metering-CA (Smart Meter Sub-CA)

MTG-Metering-CA is a PKI product specifically designed for the German energy market

MTG-Metering-CA is a system designed to create and manage certificates for Gateway Administrators (GWA) based on the PKI product MTG-CARA.

It meets the technical requirements of the BSI TR-03109-04, BSI TR-3145, as well as the certificate policy of the smart metering PKI.

Gateway Administrator retrieves certificates from his Sub-CA Gateway Administrator retrieves certificates from his Sub-CA (© MTG AG)


Root-CA 100% Smart Meter Root-CA compatible
TR-03109 conformity Meets all technical requirements of BSI TR-03109 and certificate policy (CP) for Smart Meter PKI
Scalability The Metering-CA is designed to manage several million certificates
Configurability Individually configurable and expandable
Revocation & statistics Web service interface for revocation applications and statistical functions
CLS extensibility
Extensible for CLS/energy management certificates

Multi-client capability
You can run multiple clients within one Sub-CA
Scalability & reliability
HSM components are usable as high availability (HA) solutions and meet the TR requirements regarding backup
HSM support
The Metering-CA supports all (SM-PKI: chapter 6.2) certified HSM modules (preferably Utimaco)
Different operating systems
Platform-independent Web application. Runs under various operating systems (Linux)
Virtualisation and cloud solutions
The components of a Metering-CA can be operated as a cloud solution in a virtualised environment
Security concept
Our BSI-accredited evaluation facility for IT security has developed a template for a security concept (ISO 27000).