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Demo & Test Applications

MTG has developed PQC solutions that can already be applied and tested today. We would like to offer interested parties the opportunity to see for themselves that quantum safe applications can already be put into practice today.

PQC-PKI Online Demo & Test Certificates

Our online PQC platform, which is open to the public, allows you to create your own cost-free post-quantum and traditional certificates for testing purposes. These can then be deployed to various provided PQC demo applications.

Test PQC applications now!

Specifically, the following use cases are possible in which you can integrate and test the demo certificates:

(1)  Sunray Web Browser: PQC Web Browser, based on Mozilla Firefox, offers all the features of a modern browser with integrated support for PQC TLS.

(2)  PQC Web Server: based on Apache Tomcat, it provides all the functions of a modern web server with built-in support for PQC TLS.

(3)  Sunbeam Email Client: PQC encrypted email, based on Mozilla Thunderbird, provides all the features of a modern email client with integrated support for PQC SMIME.

(4)  PQC Doc: Signing and encryption of archived documents with selected PQC algorithms.

To be able to use these applications, PQC certificates must be generated and deployed from the MTG PKI. The PQC algorithms used are Classic McEliece and Sphincs+. These algorithms have proven successful in the selection rounds of the NIST standardization process.

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