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Powerful Public Key Infrastructure

MTG-CARA is a flexible and configurable, multitenant CA system for the generation and management of X.509 and CV certificates.

All functions of a Registration Authority are already integrated.

MTG-CARA: Functions at a glance MTG-CARA: Functions at a glance (© MTG AG)

MTG-CARA supports standardised interfaces such as SOAP, SCEP, LDAP and OCSP. As a result, the security functions can be integrated flexibly and seamlessly into corporate or agency procedures. Automation and the increase in efficiency of business processes are the pleasant result. Therefore, together with its high scalability and performance, MTG-CARA is the system of choice for going from “small” to “large”, from an enterprise solution through to the Trust Center operation.

Main features of MTG-CARA

  • Portability through Java, Web technologies and standardised protocols
  • Modular design allows fast, low-cost customising
  • Special rights and roles concept to map your organisational structure
  • Activation of various signers (soft-PSE, chip card, network-HSM)
  • Multitenant capability through virtual CAs
  • Management of large volumes of certificates by the domain concept
  • Central administration and centralised logging
  • Certificate format X.509, CV, AC
  • Certificate types CA, mail, SSL, router, etc.
  • XML templates for certificate profiles
  • Revocation lists via LDAP and HTTP
  • Synchronous certificate management
  • XML export for CRM, billing, statistics, etc.
  • Interfaces documentation
  • Custom layout/design
  • Scalable from a single-server solution up to the operation of a Trust Center