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MTG Mehrwert-Konnektor


Control of any IoT devices via the CLS channel of the Smart Meter Gateway.

Technical Implementation

The MTG-Mehrwert-Konnektor (value-added connector, MWK) can be used to control any IoT device via the CLS channel according to the BSI-TR-03109 regulations. The transparent CLS channel transports the control commands from the application via a (BSI-FNN-regulated) area to the IoT devices in both directions

TCP/IP plug-in module

Utility companies that want to control various IoT devices in the role of an "active EMT" via the CLS channel benefit from the standardized security processes in operation and certification. With this vendor-independent system, various business models can be successfully and cost-effectively implemented and operated according to the guidelines of the BSI and the FNN.

Use Cases

Following Use Cases are applicable:

    1. Implementing IoT business ideas quickly and cost-effectively (e.g. LoRa WAN applications)
    2. FNN-compliant control of EEG systems with an FNN control box
    3. Submetering projects / successful implementation of multi-segment metering
    4. Receiving high-resolution smart metering data and using it for value-added services

The system is multitenant and has an open interface. It is therefore available for almost every value added application possible.

MTG Mehrwert-Module TCP/IP

Value-Added-Module TCP/IP

CLS Aufsteckmodul

In cooperation with MTG, a special CLS control unit was developed for Theben's CLS plug-in module. This enables all TCP/IP-capable IoT devices to be connected (MTG value-added module TCP/IP). The value-added module can be plugged onto the CONEXA 3.0 to save space. On other SMGW models, the value-added module is mounted in a separate housing on the DIN rail.

MTG Mehrwert-Modul TCP/IP

Thanks to its intelligent switching technology, virtually any device with an IP address can be connected and controlled. The "MTG value-added module TCP/IP" and the MTG Mehrwert-Konnektor can be quickly and easily connected to the Smart Meter infrastructure.

MTG Mehrwert Konnektor addressing

Comprehensive SDK

Fast integration of value-added applications

Innovative startups and application developers who need access to the SMGW infrastructure can use the free MWK development license. This enables the existing application to become "SMGW-Ready" with little integration effort.

MTG Mehrwert-Konnektor UI

MTG provides selected partners with a development system for connecting the value-added application as an SDK.

The SDK is delivered in the form of a preconfigured Linux server (PC) including a detailed interface description for a small protection fee.

Demo portal / testing portal MWK (© MTG AG)

Demo portal / testing portal MWK (© MTG AG)

If required, MTG can provide consulting support for the connection process. If necessary, MTG can also offer its own simple portal for demo purposes.

Web-Enterprise Solutions for our clients

EVO Metering-Portal

EVO Metering-Portal

Standard software is limited when special requirements are necessary for the effective implementation of your business processes or innovative business ideas on the Internet. Tailor-made Web Enterprise solutions fulfill your goals better and secure your competitive advantages. Our Business Internet Solutions division develops high-performance and secure business portals according to your specifications.

Consulting services for certification as an "active EMT"

Our BSI-approved Evaluation Facility for IT-Security supports you in the planning and integration of the MWK into the IT landscape and the transition from test to live operation as well as in questions regarding certification as an "active EMT".

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