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Web Enterprise Solutions

Tailor-made solutions better fulfill special customer requirements compared to standard software and assure competitive advantages.

Tailor-made for your company

Standard software reaches its limitations when specific requirements for the implementation of business-critical processes or innovative business models on the Internet are required. Custom-tailored Web Enterprise developments (e.g. online- / business plattforms, webportals, extranets, mobile web applications...) achieve these goals with much greater ease and guarantee you crucial competitive advantages.

Digitaler Museumsbesuch mit einzigartigem Benutzererlebnis und extrem schnellen Antwortzeiten auf mobilen Anwendungen.

Digitalised trip to the museum with unique user experience and extreme fast response times on mobile devices

360° Development

With MTG, you are on the safe side. We take care of our customers throughout the entire development and product life cycle.

360° Development

360° Development (© MTG AG)

Our Services



Analyses / consulting

  • Analysis of the relevant business processes and optimisation of the online business processes
  • Consulting on the safe integration of company data
  • Definition of workflows
  • Requirements definition and requirements management

Design & Conception

  • System architecture
  • Security
  • Scaling
  • Resilience
  • Workflows

Software development, Software products

  • Professional software development, according to the classic model of linear waterfall or in accordance with the flexible, agile development methodology


  • Installation and operation of applications


  • Hosting of applications and platforms in our highly-secure data centres

Managed services

  • Security Maintenance: Evaluation of reported security alerts and timely installation of updates and patches
  • Monitoring availability, performance, and possible intrusion attempts
  • Remote administration
  • System hardening, minimal configuration and disabling of unnecessary system services, usage of specially hardened kernel (grsecurity)

Web Enterprise Reference Projects

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