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Evaluation Facility for IT-Security

Our evaluation facility for IT security is one of only eight facilities accredited and licensed by the BSI since February 2005.

BSI Accreditation

Our evaluation facility for IT security  is one of only eight facilities approved and licensed by the BSI since February 2005.

BSI-accredited facility for IT security

BSI-accredited facility for IT security (© MTG AG)

Performance list


Services Evaluation Facility

Common Criteria

  • Consultations & workshops  concerning the certification process
  • Creation of CC documents

Common Criteria

  • Evaluating Protection Profiles (e.g. Smart Meter Gateway)
  • Evaluation of products according to EAL 2+
  • Evaluation of locations according Site Security Target

IT security concepts & expertise

  • DIN ISO 27001
  • BSI IT Grundschutz

Smart Metering

  • Consulting Smart Meter Gateways: architecture, technology, PKI
  • Compliance test TR-03109-1 SMGW

Analysis for Vulnerability

  • Penetration test from “outside”
  • “White-box testing” from inside
  • Recommendation

Interoperability Tests

  • IPSec testing laboratory (for the European automotive industry)

Smart-Metering Services

For Metering Point Operators:

  • Consultation according to the Federal Office for Information Security’s (BSI) TR-03109-1
  • Consultation on the development of Gateway Administrator software & processes
  • Consultation on the design and implementation of processes and systems according to IT Grundschutz

For Smart Meter Gateway Manufactures:

SMGW manufacturers must certify their product in accordance with Common Criteria and Gateway Protection Profiles (including site certification).

  • We can provide consulting services for the manufacturers during the development process and/or evaluate the product.
  • The product must meet the TR-03109-1 standard. We can provide consulting on the formulated technical requirements and later perform the checks, if there are respective specifications on TR inspection.

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