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MTG Mehrwert Konnektor

BSI-compliant and easy control of value-added applications
and IoT devices through the CLS channel of a Smart Meter Gateway

MTG Solution

With the upcoming Smart Meter Roll-Out, Germany will have a communications network that meets the highest security requirements worldwide. The Smart Meter Gateway will thus become a reliable communication end point in the home, offering very exciting marketing opportunities. The big challenge is to connect the large number of emerging value-added apps and the associated IoT devices as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

The MTG-Mehrwert-Konnektor (eng. value-added connector / MWK) is a central security system for value-added applications that want to access the Smart Meter Gateway. IoT devices can thus be controlled via the CLS channel of the Smart Meter Gateway and the legal requirements of BSI-TR 03109 can be complied with.

The innovative software builds the BSI-TR-03109 compliant communication link to the SMGW and also offers the option of controlling any number of connections via the CLS channel. The MTG-MWK is a central security and communication module for utilities that want to control various IoT devices in the role of an "active EMT" via the CLS channel in order to successfully market value-added services. With this flexible solution, different value-added applications and IoT device types can be operated in compliance with the German regulations.

Various Use-Cases

  1. Implementing IoT business ideas quickly and cost-effectively (e.g. LoRa WAN applications)
  2. FNN-compliant control of EEG systems with an FNN control box
  3. Submetering projects / successful implementation of multi-segment metering
  4. Receiving high-resolution smart metering data and using it for value-added services
  5. Use the MWK as a pure CLS proxy for your own development projects.


FNN-compliant control of EEG systems

FNN conform control

FNN conform control (© MTG AG)

The MTG MWK can be used to control EEG systems with FNN-compliant control boxes. For this purpose, the control boxes made by the manufacturer Theben are already optimally matched to the MTG MWK.

A unique technology for easy CLS control

MTG Mehrwert-Konnektor &
MTG Value-Added Module TCP/IP

Easy connection of IoT devices to the application, a single permanent connection for different IoT devices

Easy connection of IoT devices to the application, a single permanent connection for different IoT devices

The MTG MWK is distinguishing itself by its intelligent switching technology, which is based on the combined use of a specially designed CLS plug-in module from Theben ("MTG value-added module TCP/IP").


Theben SMGW mit aufsteckbarem Mehrwertmodul TCP/IP

This allows the addressing and connection of any TCP/IP-capable IoT device to the application with a minimum of configuration effort. Even existing systems can easily be connected to the SMGW infrastructure via TCP/IP.
The connection between SMGW and the "MTG value-added module TCP/IP" just has to be set up once by the gateway administrator.
All other TCP/IP-capable devices can then be configured, addressed and connected via this connection without further proxy profiles from the Gateway Administrator.

Fast technology transfer
even for existing systems

Mehrspartenauslesung mit MTG Mehrwert-Modul TCP/IP

Most value-added applications in the future are likely to work with TCP/IP-enabled IoT devices. With this solution, existing applications and TCP/IP-capable communication modules such as routers, submetering collectors, control units for street lighting etc. can be connected to the SMGW infrastructure without any major integration effort.

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