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A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is always required when cryptographic keys in critical infrastructures need to be particularly protected against attacks on both the software and the hardware.
The hardware security modules used by MTG are designed, among other things, for various applications in smart metering and are always optimally matched to the corresponding MTG security products. In general, other applications can also be connected via a standard interface.

MTG smartHSM – the low-cost Mini-HSM

"Passive EMT" (external market participants) in the German Smart Metering will need a certified Hardware Security Module (HSM) to decrypt signed meter data from a Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW). "Active EMT" who want to control IoT devices via the CLS channel also neeed a HSM.
The new MTG smartHSM is designed to meet the performance requirements of this special target group and enables significantly lower investment and operating costs..


Use Cases for the MTG smartHS

  • reception of measurement data
  • CLS control
  • Key Management Systems
  • market partner communication
  • XML encryption FNN eLS 2.1
  • Specific applications in the smart meter environment

Utimaco HSM

For particularly high demands on availability and performance, we use Utimaco HSM. Utimaco is a long-term cooperation partner and German manufacturer of HSM.

Utimaco HSM (Hardware Security Module)

Utimaco HSM (Hardware Security Module) Utimaco Deutschland HSM (© Utimaco)

MTG HSM-HA – High Availability & Scalability

MTG has exclusively developed an HSM-HA software for the Utimaco Deutschland HSM series. This software enables to operate two or more HSM in an "Active-Active" cluster for high availability and scalability.
For these models, certificates in accordance with Chapter 6.2 of the Certificate Policy of the Smart Metering PKI are available. These certificates allow their use in the Smart Metering PKI. These models are recommended in combination with the MTG-HSM-HA software for the operation of a German Gateway Administration.

MTG-HSM HA – Clusterfähige High Availability Cluster MTG-HSM HA – Clusterfähige High Availability Cluster(© MTG AG)

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