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MTG IoT Key Management System

Cryptographic Key Management System for manufacturing and operation of IoT devices.

The MTG Key Management System (MTG IoT KMS) was specially developed for manufacturers of IoT devices, making the management of a large number of individual cryptographic keys in production and at the customer‘s site considerably easier.As a centralized security system with an open interface according to the international OASIS KMIP standard, the MTG KMS enables all specific IoT applications to be connected quickly and easily.

MTG KMS from IoT device production to operation (© MTG AG)


Functions & Benefits

Easy Integration

Complete key management life cycle

The entire key management lifecycle is already sup-ported in the MTG KMS and can be utilized via the standardized KMIP interface.

Control & Compliance

The platform supports multiple independent clients. MTG ́s dedicated role and rights management ensures the correct distribution of access rights of clients to the respective keys.

KMIP Interface

The KMIP interface enables the smooth and easy integration of existing applications. KMIP specifies all management operations for objects (e.g. digital certifi-cates, private keys) that are stored and managed by a key management system. The KMIP standard includes operations for symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic keys, digital certificates and templates that simplify the creation of objects and control of their use.

KMIP Client Library

A specific and adaptable MTG exclusive KMIP-Library is available to facilitate the integration of applications.

REST Interface & Adapters

In case the KMIP protocol does not offer the necessary functionality (e.g. bulk jobs, legacy applications ...), a REST interface can be used to support a variety of clients and applications. Customized adapters or adapters to other widely adopted industry interfaces, like PKCS#11 or JCA/JCE, further ease the integration of applications.

Vendor independent HSM

MTG IoT KMS supports different Hardware Security Modules (HSM) vendors for the secure storage and generation of high-quality encryption keys.

PKI Integration

A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) can be easily integrated to the MTG KMS. Besides this, a specific IoT PKI is avail-able at MTG.

Consulting & Support

In cooperation with our customers, MTG develops a de-tailed specification that takes into account the project ́s individual requirements. Affected departments (e.g. the production team) are fully involved and interfaces are coordinated.


Tasks and Use-Cases

Versatile and flexible use

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